It’s Me ~

“Maaf, saya masih belajar erti solehah.”



Butterfly ^^,

Smile. Happy. Relax.

Where does the dark days? The loss is not recognized. Go is not impressive anymore.

Alhamdulillah. Finally, the black moments in the past.

Sure. Everyone certainly been tested with different types of trials. All municipalities.

However, the sign of the favor of Allah on His slaves is often misconstrued as damage, be misconstrued as the last stop for the faint of life intelligence and soul.

No, I will not ever blame them. Weakness is a ‘member’ man, there were imperfections ‘nickname’ them.

Previously, there was a story about a butterfly. Often I narrate this story going down their grief.

With this story of art, there were bit of hope to insert a piece of strength for the weak.

Indeed, I was not able to sing the song ‘Lost’ to whip back their spirit, I also can not prescribe medication to get rid of the bad memories, but I will not likely have the magic power to change destiny if not themselves the want to rise changed everything.

Butterfly symbolic enough for me. It is the epitome of the struggle of life. It flies flying wing colors are beautiful and mesmerizing each eye of the beholder.

However, this butterfly was once nothing more than a caterpillar.

Yes, a caterpillar that is despised, considered pests and are often shunned.

However, it then turned into a cocoon before transformed into a beautiful butterfly.

Moth story true story, not engineering or fairy tale full of fantasy but rather a logical theory, a scientific story.

Ever, there is a group of scientists are studying butterflies. They carefully observe the process of how a butterfly out of the cocoon.

It looks like a hardship, tortured to extract themselves.

For many hours, this butterfly try, try, and keep trying to get out of the little cocoon.

Finally, it worked. This moth flew into here and there seems to be celebrating his freedom.

These young scientists then turned to other butterflies.

They agreed to help produce this butterfly from the cocoon by cutting the cocoon.

This worked Butterfly go out easily.

However, do not you know what happened with this butterfly?

No, it is not dead. It is alive, it continued to survive in a lifetime disabilities.

It is unable to fly, will never be able to fly like mourners. Is not this more unfortunate?

Apparently, all the difficulties and hardships while trying to escape that which gives strength for a butterfly to fly.

In fact, what does not kill us that’s what this life hold. We will not know before through miserable happy, do not know understand the meaning of love before hate, appreciate not smile without painful tears.

This life cycle needs to be fully, rise and fall, ups and downs, destiny and karma. Of course, these words often we hear everywhere, “all that happens is certainly no good comes from it”.

These are not empty words are false. Not. But do not ask me, when and how?

But be patient. Tears are not immortal, dry one day. Believe me, there is definitely a miracle.

And Allah has full knowledge of all that happened.


Jugdmental people O_o

We all are judgmental people. A person’s decision, opinion is their own.
Their actions, their consequences. Who are we to say we would it differently if it were us? We are not them, they are not us. I believe everyone has reasons behind their actions. Circumstances, environment, along with other things affect our decisions. True?

so leave it be. 🙂


Once Upon a day ~

Sharing Time..
Once upon a day, i was asked by an ustazah
“apakah nikmat yang anda dapat, tapi anda tak mintak?”
I had answered several like the ability to see, talk, touch, think, etc.. and then she added
“Adakah awak mintak dilahirkan sebagai seorang islam? ada awak mintak dilahirkan di sini?”

Allah swt memang Maha Penyayang.

I have taken that nikmat for granted.
and now, i hope that you brothers and sisters (who are reading this) to please..

Eid is coming :D

Aku lihat Ramadan dari kejauhan….
Lalu ku sapa ia, “Hendak kemana?”
Dengan lembut ia berkata,

“Maaf, aku harus pergi, mungkin lama. Tolong sampaikan pesanku untuk orang yang bernama Mukmim. Ajaklah Sabar untuk menemani hari-hari dukanya, peluklah Istiqamah saat dia kelelahan dalam perjalanan Taqwa. Itupun Syawal ..ia sudah tiba”.

Ku lihat Ramadan pergi … jauh……..
.: Ya Allah , apakah aku akan berjumpa lagi dengannya ? :.


InshaAllah, esok 1st Syawal. Bulan kemerdekaan bagi umat Islam selepas sebulan berpuasa. Untuk syawal tahun ini, inshaAllah family dari Sarawak akan datang beraya ke sini pada syawal ke-2.

Bila berbicara mengenai Hari Raya, pasti kita mula saling bermaaf-maafan. Memohon ampun dan maaf pada ahli keluarga, sahabat, jiran dan sesiapa sahaja yang kita sebelum ini pernah perselisihan faham.

Adakah maaf yang sebenar-benar maaf itu begitu senang diungkap atau dilakukan? Adakah kata maaf itu lebih mudah dilafazkan padahal hati masih menolaknya? Dan adakah senang juga kita memaafkan dari hati tanpa pengetahuan insan lagi daripada melafazkan secara terus?

Disini, ayuh nilai balik Ramadhan kita. Adakah amalan kita Ramadhan yang lalu membentuk karakter peribadi muslim yang baru pada diri kita? Jika ia, ayuh sahabat. Kita ambik konteks bermaafan itu sendiri.

Jika ada sahabat yang selama ini kita kurang senang,pernah berlaku pergaduhan sehingga memutuskan silaturahim, pernah bertikam lidah sehingga berlaku permusuhan ataupun tanpa sahabat kita sedar bahawa penyakit hati kita berpunca dari sikap atau perbuatannya, kita lafazkan ucapan maaf dan hulurkan tangan dan ikhlaskan hati kita untuk bermaafan.

Jika mudah kita menerima, inshaAllah iman kita semakin meningkat dan hati kita sudah membaik.